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Hi, I’m Belinda Smith – Tauranga family Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist. I grew up in beautiful New Zealand and after 10 years practicing in Australia I have recently returned home with my husband and two sons. I am practicing from Bay Health Clinic in Judea.

I am a family practitioner who enjoys supporting men, women and children to be healthy and well. Using various tools, such as Hemaview Live Blood Analysis and BIA Cellular Health Analysis, helps me to get to the root of what may be contributing to your current health state. I then may prescribe dietary changes, as I view food as medicine, nutritional supplements if indicated, or herbal and lifestyle recommendations to help return you to optimal health.

  • Registered Medical Herbalist & Naturopath MNZAMH
  • Adv. Dip Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.
  • BPhEd (Exercise Prescription)
  • CFSP (Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner)
  • Licensed Hemaview™ (Live Blood Analysis) Practitioner
  • Licensed VLA™ (Bio-impedance) Practitioner
  • Norwex Independent Consultant
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I believe in nourishing the body and mind with whole foods, moving in ways that you enjoy often and addressing limiting thoughts regularly.

I have an interest in the area of Disordered Eating. I have both lived and clinical experience with this and appreciate how much body image can impact self-worth and eating patterns. Having overcome disordered eating I have a natural empathy and understanding and this is one of the reasons I became a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner.

I don’t advocate diets and my approach is focused around helping clients to improve their relationship with food through mindful eating and living. Being a mum of two has also opened my eyes to children’s health and my work with food intolerances has seen great results.

I utilise the unique 7 Systems of Health approach (view more) to Mind-Body medicine and offer nutritional and herbal support for a wide variety of conditions in clinic. I am dedicated to educating clients about the need for not only personalised wholefood nutrition, but the importance of living an active, balanced lifestyle in order to thrive. 

I enjoy supporting clients with a ‘whole person’ approach to healing encompassing both physical health and internal health (thoughts and emotions). As well as Naturopathic qualifications, I have a degree in Physical Education. My recent background supporting professional athletes nutritionally, saw me combining sports nutrition with naturopathic principles seeing positive results with patients.

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Helping you reach your health goals is my mission.

My approach is health recovery and optimisation through targeting the cause of illness and disease.

I continue to expand my knowledge by attending industry educational events and researching preventative medicine, particularly relating to Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. I have over 10 years’ experience in clinical practice, including working for a leading supplement company, doing educational speaking tours and working with a Integrated Doctor and Holistic Dentist. Today, I practice from Bay Health Clinic in Judea, Tauranga, New Zealand.

I spent many years working in Pharmacy and feel this gives me insight into the extensive use of Pharmaceutical medicines. Not pro or anti-medication at all, I see the importance in personal assessment and awareness of herb-drug medication interactions as well as medication induced nutrient depletion. I believe that you can learn a great deal from your health state. Change is inevitable when you are unwell –  I enjoy working with people at all stages. I feel grateful to be in a role where I can help guide and support you to transform your own health and therefore your life.


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Bay Health Clinic
9 Churchill Road
Judea, Tauranga

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